Monday, May 26, 2014

Today's Noah's Ark

I invite everyone here to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The whole Bible makes Jesus look GORGEOUS! Why do I say this? The biggest thing by far that is against us is the wrath of God. Yes, there's the curse that creation received when Adam sinned in the garden, but that is NOTHING compared to the infinite, awesome wrath of God! We were given instructions as to what sin is so that when we do sin, we know that we've broken the laws set by the infinite, just God of the universe. He didn't just randomly come up with rules and expect us to follow them. We cause real harm when we choose to sin.
What does it mean to be on the wrong side of the infinite, just, wrathful God of the universe? Things will not go well for us at ALL if we don't have a way of escape! Even though God was angry at our sin, He made a way of salvation for all who would choose it. He poured out His love for us when He sent His Son to drink in our sins, whereby His Son also received His wrath! If God was so angry, yet loved us so much to send His Son to die for us, how much more angry will He be when we spit at and reject His free gift of salvation? There is no middle ground here. If you don't receive it, you're rejecting it--even if you think you'll open the gift later.
Do you think the Father just doesn't care about His Son? Far from it! The only reason He sent His Son is because that is the ONLY way for us to get right with the infinite, just, loving God of the universe. Jesus prayed that there could be another way, but there wasn't. And because of this, Jesus marched forward and received the outrageous punishment that WE deserved so that WE could be reconciled to Him.
What did Jesus do for us? God came down from Heaven and was born of a virgin. He lived a mundane life in a really messed up place where people had the impression that nothing good could ever come from there. He fulfilled the fingerprint of the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament (declared hundreds of years before He was even born). He lived a completely sinless life. He laid His life down and was slaughtered by the ones He was promised to. They lied about what He said and unjustly condemned Him to die. He was beaten and crucified so that we may be healed. He died on the cross. He was buried. On the third day, he was raised to life by the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit, thus validating Him, His message, and the validity of the Old Testament which promised Him. He ascended into Heaven and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father where He received all authority and power. There is no place where His reign does not extend and it is eternal, never-ending.
If you believe this and repent (turn from your sinful ways), you will receive salvation from the wrath of God. Not only that, but you will be with God for ever and ever! The world will hate you because you will now be God's, but God is greater than the world.
This Gospel is the new Noah's Ark. All who are found outside will receive the full wrath of God. No amount of beating on the door will make it open once the door is shut. Think of how the people felt when the wrath of God was pouring down on them and they realized that they just missed the boat. If only they had gotten in the boat BEFORE the rain! The opportunity was still available MINUTES before! Now it's too late! How helpless they must have felt! Noah preached to them for at least 90 years, warning them of God's wrath, but they hardened their hearts. They scoffed at it, rejected it. Oh, human! Before you is a blessing and a curse. Choose life!
I am extending my hand out to you, begging you to enter this boat!
When we truly receive the free gift of God, it powerfully saves us! We are converted and we become a new creature! The old creature is dead and the new creature has life everlasting and a new appetite. This appetite is the Word of God and to please God. When you look at the life of someone who is transformed, their life glorifies God! The neck of the sins that formerly had them in bondage is broken and they are free to live a life which sings praises to God, unencumbered by sin. They are set free and their hearts cry praises to God and eternal thankfulness for Jesus!
If you think you've received the free gift of salvation through Jesus, but your life isn't changed, you've been deceived. It is impossible to receive the Gospel and your life to not completely change. Did you leave the gift unopened? If you open it, what will you find? God! When you have God, who needs ANYTHING else? People all over the world are in dire places with everything against them, but they sing praises to God and are 100% content. Only God can do that! Only the Gospel can do that! It is only attainable through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Oh, God, thank you for giving us YOU!
Did you receive God's free gift of Salvation?
If so, I would like to hear from you and welcome you into God's family!
If not, I sincerely urge you to carefully and prayerfully consider the claims of the Bible. The book of Romans does an amazing job presenting the Gospel! I highly recommend reading it many times!
When you believe what the Bible affirms, Jesus will look absolutely GORGEOUS!
Peace and God bless!